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Pierce Paris, Michael Boston

Top Pierce Paris has come up with a new way to find some bottoms… reel them in using a huge dildo as bait. After getting a couple of nibbles from the ones who got away,…

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Pierce Paris, Ty Mitchell

After seeing a sign for free yoga lessons in the park, Pierce Paris’ girlfriend talks him into getting on the mat, but instructor Ty Mitchell seems more interested in getting his ass stretched out by…

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Pierce Paris, Nic Sahara

Hot and horny Nic Sahara finds the very handsome Pierce Paris alone with some rather large bananas. Nic proceeds to get Pierce’s attention by inserting one deep down his throat. Not to be outdone, Pierce…

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Pierce Paris, Scott DeMarco

The running butt hole challenge has claimed yet another sweet hole as Pierce Paris finds himself having to explain to his very handsome doctor, Scott DeMarco, how he got his phone stuck up there. Watch…

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Pierce Paris, Michael Boston

While playing ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’, sexually open bottom, Michael Bolton, draws top Pierce Paris’ name. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Pierce, who is nervous about the game, because he no longer has sex with his…

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Pierce Paris, Cassidy Clyde

After a human resources recruiter sends the wrong person in for an appointment, the CEO (Pierce Paris) is in for a highly unusual interview. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Rent boy Cassidy Clyde thinks he’s been…

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Pierce Paris, Michael Jackman

Michael Jackman has his eye on the muscular stud Pierce Paris, a gorgeous captain he just chauffeured home. Michael can’t help himself, sneaking into Pierce’s house to spy on the horse-hung stud. Watch FULL MOVIE…

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Pierce Paris, Buck Richards

Athletic bottom Buck Richards is experiencing a sexual nightmare about a creepy clown watching him get his bubble butt pounded by muscular, attractive Pierce Paris. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Pierce throat fucks Buck’s mouth with…

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Pierce Paris, Paul Canon

Tall hunk Pierce Paris is taking a massage therapy class with adorable, slender Paul Canon. He’s taken aback by the realistic fake ass, and can’t help but wonder what it would actually feel like, so…

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