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Scott DeMarco, Damien Kyle, Tim Hanes

Slackers Damien Kyle and Tim Hanes don’t find Professor Scott DeMarco’s Lessons of Love class any more interesting the second time around, but they are interested in each other. Professor DeMarco spots the chemistry that’s…

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Brock Banks, Dillon Diaz

Take a trip to Puerto Rico with Latin hotties Brock Banks and Dillon Diaz. Brock and Dillon agree that their fellow Puerto Ricans are all about intensity, excitement, and drama, and love nothing better than…

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Theo Brady, Kaleb Stryker

Handsome and horny Kaleb Stryker thinks there’s just time for a BJ before his boyfriend Theo Brady’s mom arrives, but she knocks on the door just as Kaleb leaves some cum on Theo’s face. Annoyed…

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Theo Brady, Ryan Bones

With tunes in his headphones and his mom’s lacy panties on his slim body, twink Theo Brady doesn’t even notice his stepdad Ryan Bones is watching him until the muscular hunk pulls down the knickers….

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Kurtis Wolfe, Paul Canon

Once spa employee Paul Canon gets a glimpse of Kurtis Wolfe’s big bulge in his jock strap outside the sauna, he just has to keep peeking. Paul’s eyes go wide as he watches Kurtis strip…

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Igor Romani, Tomas Decastro

Before his first ever scene for, handsome and suave Euro stud Igor Romani talked a bit about his type, what makes him hardest, and his thoughts when he first saw his scene partner, Tomas…

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Diego Sans, Michael Boston

Michael Boston has been looking forward to shooting with Diego Sans for a while, because Diego is everything Michael finds sexually irresistible: passionate, intimate, and, of course, physically phenomenal. Michael shares a few of his…

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Alexander Savage, Boomer Banks

What can you expect from a Latin lover? Mexico’s most muy caliente hombres, Boomer Banks and Alexander Savage, are here to show you. Mexican men are known for being sensual, sexy, and passionate, and Alexander…

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Calvin Banks, Diego Sans

Calvin Banks has been enjoying Diego Sans’ scenes and dreaming about fucking him since even before he joined the industry, so he’s thrilled to hear he’s at the top of Diego’s wish list, too. These…

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Tom Bentley, Mason Lear

Mason Lear is down to fuck, but his boyfriend Tom Bentley is too engrossed in his book to respond to any of his subtle hints. There’s always one sure-fire way to get Tom’s attention: tickling….

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Greg Mckeon, Bar Addison

After Bar Addison finds out his new stepdad, Greg McKeon, fucked his boyfriend, he kicks Daniel out and then demands to know why Greg never came onto him. Now that Greg knows Bar is interested,…

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Freddie Daze, Ace Quinn

Bearded top Freddie Daze is a very visual person who enjoys watching muscular guys play with themselves… and he loves diving in deep to eat ass. Ace Quinn is excited to see what Freddie can…

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Nate Grimes, Diego Sans

Soft-spoken Nate Grimes describes his first sexual encounter with a guy, how he discovered he was a bottom, and what he’s most looking forward to in his scene today with Diego Sans, and it makes…

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Daniel Hausser, Ryan Bones

Blond twink Daniel Hausser’s strict parents never let him have any fun. But when sexy bad boy Ryan Bones breaks in while Daniel’s parents are out and overhears the naked teen praying for a big,…

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Tomas Decastro, Thyle Knoxx

Thyle Knoxx is sick of being voluntold to house his mom’s whole social circle for free, so when she calls him up and tells him Tomas Decastro will be staying in his spare room, Thyle…

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DeAngelo Jackson, Joey Mills

Joey Mills’ girlfriend was sure she booked a private room at the hostel, but when they get there they find they’re sharing with tall, ebony hunk DeAngelo Jackson, a top who always claims the top…

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Daniel Hausser, Greg Mckeon

When Greg McKeon realizes his stepson Bar’s hot friend Daniel Hausser is naked in the shower, he sneaks into the bathroom to watch the blond twink and jack off. Daniel thinks his bf’s stepdad is…

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Pierce Paris, Michael DelRay, Dante Colle

Pierce Paris has a talent… a gift… he can fit just about anything in his bussy. Roommates Dante Colle and Michael DelRay have already seen Pierce’s videos of his ass-stretching exploits, so he tells them…

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Markus Kage, DeAngelo Jackson

Markus Kage has been trying to improve his sex life with his husband, Thyle Knoxx, but talking about it and even couples therapy haven’t helped, so it’s time for a different approach. Markus brings in…

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Ryan Bones, Drew Dixon

After their workout, Drew Dixon and Ryan Bones are hot and sweaty, and their muscles aren’t the only thing that’s hard. Drew rubs Ryan’s dick through his shorts, nuzzling his sweat-soaked t-shirt till Ryan fucks…

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Jean Franko, Leander

Today might be the first time Spanish stud Jean Franko and handsome Australian ginger Leander have shot together, but they’ve both been waiting for this day for years. Jean slid into Leander’s DMs ages ago,…

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Tyler Berg, Ricky Blue

Tyler Berg is surprised when he finds out that Ricky Blue, the mysterious stranger he offered a bed to the night before, is still there. His husband Max Adonis asks Tyler to get rid of…

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