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Myles Landon, Colby Tucker

Myles Landon knows he’s here to do a scene with, but he doesn’t know who he’ll be fucking bareback. His scene partner also hasn’t been told who to expect, but when Colby Tucker arrives,…

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Bo Sinn, Ago Viara

Well-off businessman Ago Viara doesn’t pay up when Bo Sinn cleans his windshield, so the squeegee punk follows him home and sneaks into the garageā€¦ because Bo always gets paid. Ago may not have any…

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Johnny Rapid, Trevor Laster

Johnny Rapid is chilling on his boat at the marina when he spots muscular stud, Trevor Laster. Trevor doesn’t have a boat of his own, so Johnny invites him aboard for a little cruise. Trevor…

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Max Wilde, Tyler Wolf

The deserted beach between the water and the woods plays host to a different kind of singles’ cruise. Max Wilde hikes in with his blanket and plays with his cock as he watches Paul Canon…

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Ty Mitchell, Matthew Figata

Very different houses, very different dads. Who will win? Ty Mitchell is a rebellious punk from the wrong side of the tracks and he’s moving in with rich zaddy Matthew Figata, who vows to make…

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William Seed, Calvin Banks

Calvin Banks wants to become as strong as his sensei William Seed, but when their dojo is threatened by an agent of the nefarious Red Dojo, he’s unable to do more than take punch after…

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Johnny Rapid, Jonas Jackson

After passing his interview with Cock Destroyer Sophie Anderson, Johnny Rapid delivers customer Leander to his secret ally, rival Cock Destroyer Rebecca More, so she can pump him for details about the brothel. Johnny overhears…

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Kaleb Stryker, Nic Sahara

After their run, Kaleb Stryker is ready for a shower, but his boyfriend, Nic Sahara, wants to get a bit sweatier first. The guys slip out of their workout clothes and Kaleb sucks Nic’s cock…

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Bo Sinn, Steve Rickz

Face down, ass up, that’s the way Bo Sinn likes Steve Rickz as he fills the bottom’s ass with milk! Steve shoots it out and Bo gets to watch from every angle as the milk…

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Damien Kyle, Jax Thirio

Professor Jax Thirio offers mock interviews to prep his students for the real world, but college senior Damien Kyle has no experience, no strengths, and no idea how to make a good first impression. Jax…

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