Chandler Scott, Jack Andy

Jack Andy has been smacking Chandler Scott’s ass with his dick for hours while he was sleeping and now he as bruises on his ass. Jack is getting a kick out of it but Chandler…

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Dante Colle, Michael Jackman, Jake Porter

Michael Jackman’s rental application looks good, in theory: good references, a solid rental history, no reports or incidents to speak of… all in all he’s a solid candidate, and when Dante Colle and Jake Porter…

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Dirty Scout 214

This young man looked tough. Lean and ripped, arms tattooed… not a typical guy who would let you in his ass easily. He was a car mechanic looking for a job in Prague but was…

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Max Adonis, Ricky Blue

Max Adonis and his hubby are getting romantic when Max hears a noise and insists on investigating. They find Ricky Blue dripping wet. The next day, their mysterious house guest overhears Max on the phone…

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Dominic Moore, Lewis Hampshire

Young and lean footballer Lewis Hampshire continues his journey this week with the equally lean and handsome Dominic Moore. These two young lads could almost pass as twins they look so alike with slim, smooth…

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Dato Foland, Leander

When Isaac (Leander) met his fiance, Abe (Gabriel Cross), he knew this was the man he’d delete his dating app for. But as his wedding approaches and his best friend, Kirk (Dato Foland), asks to…

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Deep Dic, Adrian Hart

What is he really like? Adrian Hart, digs deep when he interviews basketball Star, Deep Dic. When the questions get boring, big D takes out his big D and Adrian can’t wait to get on…

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Drew Balan

Drew Balan – Gym – Young Blond Fitness Fanatic Drew Shows off his Ripped Body, Age: 19 years old / Height: 6’1″ / Chest: 40″ / Waist: 30″ / Weight: 78kg / Straight. See young…

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Island Studs Mario

Bisexual bubble butt Mario is back, the popular happy Brazilian American mountain man returns for his fourth video with a scruffy beard, speaks to us on camera in fluent Portuguese. He loves showing off his…

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Charles Collins

Charles Collins, a ripped martial arts specialist, makes his first appearance in front of my camera and he was as relaxed and confident on camera as he is behind the scenes. He stands at 6…

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Michael Roman, Wesley Woods

Dr. Wesley Woods and Dr. Michael Roman are 2 very respected and horny doctors and today they’re giving each other the full examination. Using their tongues, fingers and cocks, they probe every inch of cock…

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Philip Logan, J.P Philips

J.P. Philips plays with his man Phillip Logan’s nipples as Phillip jacks off J.P.’s dick, moving lower to suck it. J.P. takes a turn deep throating Phillip’s tool, then eats his ass, making the sexy…

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Czech Hunter 486

It’s been a while since I had such a submissive dude in my bed. I met him while hunting near my neighborhood on the outskirts of Prague. First, I thought he was a basketball player,…

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Sean Cody Jax, Sean Cody Lane

Jax is excited to be paired with Lane today because not only does Lane have an amazing body, they’re also real-life best friends. Jax says, “I know Lane is an absolute bottom-monster, he can take…

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JJ Knight, Nic Sahara

The beach is a great place to go fishing or to pick up a hot bottom, and for JJ Knight, it’s both. JJ baits his hook with a big dildo and tosses it at a…

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Michael Boston, Zane Williams

When sex toy engineer Michael Boston sees that today’s ass tester, Zane Williams, is a super sexy top with great stroke game, he’d rather get dicked down than get data. Michael quietly strips and swaps…

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Dustin Bronson

Young and lean Dustin Bronson appears in his first ever video this week and he is a natural. Dustin has piercing blue eyes and a lovely slim, defined body with a sprinkle of body hair….

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Pierce Paris, Jack Kross

Pierce Paris is cruising the back alleys of Palm Springs when he finds horny hunk Jack Kross playing with himself, waiting for a someone to pass by and join him. Pierce walks over to Jack,…

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Bruno Turbo, Dom Ully

Beefy muscle master Bruno Turbo has Dom Ully just how he wants him: caged, horny and ready to serve. Bruno lets the eager submissive out of his cage to worship his feet and Dom happily…

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Cody Smith, DeAngelo Jackson

Tattooed hottie Cody Smith wishes he could get naturally swole, so when his mom’s muscular ebony personal trainer, DeAngelo Jackson, offers him a free session, he jumps at the chance. DeAngelo starts out working Cody’s…

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William Seed, Ian Greene

Hairy hunk Ian Greene wants a nice quiet day to tan nude all alone at the beach, so he’s quick to dismiss William Seed when he asks to borrow some lotion. Undeterred, William decides to…

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Cade Maddox, Damon Heart

While Cade Maddox is naked and shaving his face, Damon Heart comes in and starts to caress Cade’s chiseled physique. Damon quickly works his tongue down Cade’s body until he’s on his knees. Turning Cade…

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