Lewis Hampshire, Tyler Holgate

Young footballer Lewis Hampshire is back this week and his footballer teammate Tyler Holgate decides to come along too. Both lads are toned and athletic while Tyler is packing some impressive ripped muscles. Tyler walks…

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Sean Cody Lane, Sean Cody Jayce

Jayce and Lane are so impatient today at Sean Cody HQ that they get right down to it, starting with Jayce teasing Lane’s ass with his lubed-up cock before licking his tight hole. “Can’t wait…

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JJ Knight, Ty Mitchell

When twink Johnny Rapid is caught soliciting by local constable JJ Knight and taken to meet Cock Destroyer Rebecca, he has no idea he’s about to become a pawn in her game to get back…

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Paul Canon, Nick Milani

Roommates Paul Canon and Nick Milani can’t see eye to eye on anything, but they don’t want to break their lease, so they visit a couples’ therapist for help. The therapist proposes an unorthodox solution:…

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Noah Goulding

Noah Goulding is a strapping guy! Tall, blond, handsome and muscular, this guy is a natural athlete, the sort of body that turns heads. His body is smooth and well developed, strong arms and chest…

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David Anthony, Dario Beck, Dean Flynn, JR Matthews, Christopher Saint, Jock Hudson, Spencer Reed

Can you feel the temperature rising? The dry desert heat brings out the best from some horny hikers, led by Titan Men exclusives David Anthony, Dario Beck, Dean Flynn, JR Matthews and Christopher Saint. Who…

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Breed this cum pigs hole

Posted an ad online inviting anyone to breed this cum pigs hole. This guy took over 20 loads in one day! Idk who all these guys are cause there was so many of them. We…

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Dante Colle, Logan Cross

When Logan Cross spots Dante Colle sitting down in the waiting room, he tries everything to get the hunk’s attention. His artfully executed bend-and-snap doesn’t get Dante to look up from his phone, so he…

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Gabriel Clark, Wess Russel

Wess Russel is next in line to be “Clark’d” and Gabriel Clark knows exactly how to work his powers of seduction to make it happen. Kissing Wess all over and engaging him in dirty talk…

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Harvey Jones

Harvey Jones – Footballer – Super Toned Young Footballer Harvey Shows off His Buldging Muscles – Best Friend of Alfie Payne, Age: 21 years old / Height: 5’11” / Chest: 40″ / Waist: 32″ /…

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