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  • Ty Mitchell, Damien Stone

    Athletic cutie Ty Mitchell just wants a man for V-day, and sends out a wish into the universe. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Handsome, muscular Damien Stone is his granted wish, […]

  • Jack Harper, Frankie Foster

    Straight and muscular Frankie Foster experiences wanking his first man, and it’s young lad Jack Harper and his big uncut cock he gets to play with! Jack begins by stripping […]

  • Jackson Cooper, David Rose

    With his car broken down in the rain, David Rose is lucky that Jackson Cooper is home and willing to let him come inside to dry up. Or maybe it’s […]

  • Jerry Manson, Henry Kane

    Jerry Manson brought his cousin, Henry Kane, along for his photo shoot and the boys have way too much fun together, Jerry is stripped naked by his cousin Henry and […]

  • Sean Cody Josh, Sean Cody Deacon

    The chemistry between ripped cutie Sean Cody Deacon and athletic hunk Sean Cody Josh is undeniable! These two can’t keep their hands off of each other so this is sure […]

  • Jack Harrer, Tom Rogers

    We recently showed you a quickie explaining how Jack Harrer got his black eye, and today we have the scene that was filmed just afterward. Luckily for Jack the damage […]

  • Dante Martin, Hoss Kado

    Home visiting for a couple of days, Dante Martin is very intrigued by the young hire his father has brought on to take care of the house. Hoss Kado seems […]

  • Joel Jenkins, Brad Askew

    Tall, built and muscular Joel Jenkins is back. Brad Askew who was in the photoshoot has gone travelling so today Joel is with hairy lad Ryan. The boys take it […]

  • Dalton Riley, Simon Evans

    With the new year upon us, Dalton Riley has taken to cleaning out the old and exchanging it for the new, and that seems to include his significant other, as […]

  • Charles Collins

    Charles Collins, a ripped martial arts specialist, makes his first appearance in front of my camera and he was as relaxed and confident on camera as he is behind the […]

  • Mason Lear, Brian Bonds

    Brian Bonds is frustrated with his secret lover Mason Lear when he is taking longer than expected for him to leave his girlfriend. Watch FULL MOVIE here! It’s time to […]

  • Quentin Gainz, Elye Black

    As he makes his way up the stairs to his apartment, Elye Black senses someone is following him. Hiding in a shaft, he pounces out on the guy following to […]

  • Carter Woods, Justin Matthews, Steve Rickz

    Time has a way of changing things, and that’s certainly the case for Justin Matthews, who finds himself in a pickle with his auto mechanic. Justin appears to be quite […]

  • Damon Heart, Pietro Duarte

    Athletic Damon Heart returns home to find handsome Pietro Duarte at his boyfriend’s apartment. Beefy Pietro tries to convince the horny stud that he is in fact his lover, but […]

  • Sean Cody Jayce, Sean Cody Sean

    “So me and Jayce had a wonderful day out. We had fun, and it was nice to be in public with him,” says muscular hottie Sean. “It was pretty fun. […]

  • Carter Jones

    Mountain bike rider Carter Jones is in front of my camera this week after his friend and former English Lads model Deano recommended him. He’s a young, straight and an […]

  • Nicholas Ryder, Dillon Diaz

    Nicolas Ryder is fixing bikes in the shop when Dillon Diaz comes in looking for a repair. Nicolas isn’t up for helping and instead decides to pull down his pants […]

  • Czech Hunter 398

    Today I went to Beroun, which is a small town near Prague. I was surprised that the place still had a nice Christmas atmosphere. I liked it there, but I […]

  • JJ Knight, Devin Franco

    It’s night time in Fort Lauderdale. Do you know where your weed is? Devin Franco has to admit to his buddies that he got rolled in the park and it […]

  • Justin Matthews, Killian Knox

    Buff, bald-headed Killian Knox and athletic hottie Justin Matthews work up a sweat as they take their training outdoors under the hot sun, but the real payoff comes when they […]

  • Ryan Collins

    Ryan Collins is tall and lean, plays football and works as a personal trainer, so his body is a great balance of muscle size and definition and when naked you […]

  • Will Addison

    Young, hunky and very hairy Will Addison is back and has by request let his hair grow out even more! He loves to flex his muscles after working hard at […]

  • Dakota Payne, Ken Summers, Logan Rogue, Max Arion

    Stepdad Logan Rogue has three boys to take care of: his oldest, Max Arion, and then the younger pair of Ken Summers and Dakota Payne. Logan already trained Max Arion […]

  • William Seed, Rocky Vallarta

    Muscular hunk William Seed is out shoe shopping, and attractive, athletic Rocky Vallarta is the lucky sales clerk who gets to worship his feet. Horny Rocky licks William’s socked feet […]

  • Joe Fitzpatrick

    Joe Fitzpatrick is a fit young man who works in fitness as a personal trainer and enjoys mixed martial arts, all this sport has crafted those great shoulders and strong […]

  • Jack Andy, Jacob Connar

    Jack Andy walks into his playroom with his huge cock leading the way out of his jean shorts. He beckons for Jacob Connar to join him and he has to […]

  • Woody Fox, Riley Mitchel

    Riley Mitchel has survived his run-in with two armed robbers and has questions about the ordeal. In his moment of need, Riley turns to The Church and Father Woody Fox […]

  • Jack Harper, Frankie Foster

    These lads are quite opposites, Jack Harper is tall and lean and about 78 kgs and Frankie Foster is shorter with big muscles and about 92kgs. Though they both are […]

  • Michael Delray, Vadim Black

    Michael Delray is skating down the Boulevard when he runs into Vadim Black hanging by the beach. The two buds head off to burn and soon one thing leads to […]

  • Sean Cody Brysen, Sean Cody Cam

    Muscular Cam is anxiously waiting for his scene partner to arrive. His nerves are all over the place since he has no idea that ripped cutie Brysen will be joining […]