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Bart Cuban, Riff Dornan

Bart Cuban returns following his scene with Hoyt Hogan last month. This is an all Hungarian pairing so this FM scene should be quite a treat. Aside from both being Magyars, the boys share two…

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Ashton Montana

Here is your first look at Ashton Montana a model who began his career with us as one of our chat boys. Although he was chatting online for quite a while, it took him considerable…

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Jens Christensen, Robin Rief

The gloves and condom come off in this “battle” of the blonds at Balaton! Here, going below the belt is encouraged. Our Czech Champion Jens Christensen faces off against our HUNGarian hero, Robin Rief. The…

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Joel Birkin, Matthieu Pique

Sometimes you must take the good with the bad. We’re hoping (perhaps futilely) that this is the attitude those who dislike Joel’s selfies will take. The good starts with our getting to see Joel Birkin…

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Jim Durden

Jim Durden isn’t simple, but he is, in many ways, easy. He’s an easy interview. While Kevin must use all his considerable charms to get some boys to speak, a simple “How are you?” will…

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Hoyt Kogan, Benoit Ulliel

Have pity for Hoyt Kogan as the travails of being hot, sexy and a great lover are underappreciated. The first burden is that he attracts other beautiful friends like Kevin and Jerome who always take…

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Luca Carrera

It’s been almost a year since you were first introduced to dark-haired beauty Luca Carrera. To celebrate this occasion, we bring you his interview and solo from our Boot Camp series. He both has a…

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Riff Dornan

We have a few excess solos and interviews from our boot camp series. So, we are presenting them to you as part of our normal Freshmen editions. Kevin Warhol interviews the sexy Riff Dornan in…

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Orri Aasen, Kevin Warhol

Probably the most foolish thing any of our boys can do while on location is to hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door while they are jerking off. It is a sure fire…

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