Dirty Scout 218

This young man was in trouble. He was totally broke and needed a job as soon as possible. Too bad he had absolutely no work experience. He did have a certificate of apprenticeship in cooking…

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Tom Bentley, Mason Lear

Mason Lear is down to fuck, but his boyfriend Tom Bentley is too engrossed in his book to respond to any of his subtle hints. There’s always one sure-fire way to get Tom’s attention: tickling….

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Greg Mckeon, Bar Addison

After Bar Addison finds out his new stepdad, Greg McKeon, fucked his boyfriend, he kicks Daniel out and then demands to know why Greg never came onto him. Now that Greg knows Bar is interested,…

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Sven Basquiat, Kian O’Connor

Today we have a stong, silent Hungarian in Kian O’Connor making love to our gregarious Czech, Sven Basquiat. Right from the beginning here Kian exudes a dangerous edge and we were a little concerned that…

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Caleb Jaxon, Dalton Riley

Dalton Riley and Caleb Jaxon are hiking through the desert when they start to wrestle and get down and dirty in the middle of the dusty road. Dalton’s tight jeans come down to reveal his fat,…

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Bar Addison, Jake Porter

Jake Porter has been hearing whispers on campus about himself, rumors that Bar Addison has been talking some kind of shit about him. In reality, Bar has a secret crush on Jake who wouldn’t, with…

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Mike Johnson, Princeton Price

Mike Johnson doesn’t waste any time once he sees Princeton Price’s hard cock. He engulfs every inch of it gagging and enjoying. Mike doesn’t get all the fun tho and Princeton flips the script and…

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Jeremy Robbins, Peter Annaud

Today we have our 2nd scene with newbie Jeremy Robbins. Back in October you enjoyed seeing him with Bastian Dufy, and his scene partner today is the boy with the beer can dick, Peter Annaud….

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Johnny B, Dalton Riley

For step-brothers Johnny B and Dalton Riley, life is still an adjustment. Still getting used to each other’s presence since their parents married, they don’t really know that much about each other. For instance, Dalton…

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Brian Adams, Logan Cross

When the morning sun gets too hot for doing chores, Logan Cross and Brian Adams find the perfect opportunity to head up to the private rooftop patio and sprawl out on a daybed under a bright blue sky….

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Alexander Gustavo, Trenton Ducati

Trenton Ducati and Alexander Gustavo circle the ring, psyching each other out in an ultimate showdown for the fucking title. Trenton wins the first round, pinning Alexander to the ground. They lose their shorts for…

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Blake Mitchell

Our photo session today brings our latest chapter of An American in Prague to a close as Blake Mitchell gets ready for his flight home to LA. As this was literally taken on the morning…

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Harvey Jones

Harvey Jones is a young straight footballer with a cheeky side. He takes the gym seriously and is looking extremely ripped and muscular for it and today Harvey appears in his first video showing off…

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Czech Hunter 494

Today I met the most stubborn guy ever. He was on the way to a college lecture when I bumped into him. Our cute student was early, so he had time for a little talk….

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Freddie Daze, Ace Quinn

Bearded top Freddie Daze is a very visual person who enjoys watching muscular guys play with themselves… and he loves diving in deep to eat ass. Ace Quinn is excited to see what Freddie can…

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Calvin Collins

When this hottie Calvin Collins gets bored and finds himself alone, he likes to play with his hard cock. Honestly, no one can blame him since he’s truly a beautiful, dark-skinned and toned sight to…

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Miles Smith

Miles Smith is an athletic coach of mixed martial arts and has a naturally athletic body from all the MMA and football. When he strips down you can enjoy his long uncut cock, when soft…

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Czech Hunter 493

I found a new hunting tactics. From now on I will be hunting around lunch time because it seems that hungry people are also horny and willing to question their sexual orientation. This Slovak guy…

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Sean Cody Robbie, Sean Cody Daniel

After a fun day of sun and surf, working out their muscles with some beach volleyball, Robbie tells silver fox Daniel, “You kept up with me today.” “Well, I whooped your ass, is what happened,”…

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Nate Grimes, Diego Sans

Soft-spoken Nate Grimes describes his first sexual encounter with a guy, how he discovered he was a bottom, and what he’s most looking forward to in his scene today with Diego Sans, and it makes…

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Logan Brown

Young and very muscular Logan Brown is back this week happier than ever. Logan has never been manhandled before but is very open-minded to the idea. Logan shows off his hunky body, big bulging arms…

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Sean Cody Sean, Sean Cody Dante

Colombian hottie Dante loves having a lot of sex, and whether he’s the one fucking an ass or getting fucked, it’s all good. “When I am topping, I love a big ass, a strong ass,…

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