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  • Kurtis Wolfe, Hunter Smith

    After eyeing each other, bartender Kurtis Wolfe rushes Hunter Smith to the employee’s only section of the bar for some fun. They instantly lock lips, and it’s not long before […]

  • Princeton Price, Quin Quire

    You never forget your first time, and Princeton Price and Quin Quire are no different. They’ve waited and waited to be alone together and today is finally their chance. Meeting […]

  • Karsten Blomkvist

    Although Karsten Blomkvist is from the east of the Czech Republic, we thought that he would look more at home in a Nordic environment and so decided on a Scandinavian […]

  • Milo Fitzroy

    Milo Fitzroy – Swimmer – Athletic Young Boxer Milo Shows off his Great Physique – Brother of Rufus Fitzroy, Age: 20 years old / Height: 6’2″ / Chest: 38″ / […]

  • Barebacking Jack & Jayce

    What better way to get your blood pumping and your cock hard than by heading to the beach for a little pre-sex workout? Jayce and Jack get so horny playing […]

  • Michael Jackman, Roman Todd

    Roman Todd has invited professional baker and close personal friend Michael Jackman into his home to teach him how not to be such a mess in the kitchen. However, Michael […]

  • Marco Braid, Dominic Moore

    Marco Braid and Dominic Moore are back and this photo set is coming on line later than the order we filmed his series and should have come online before the […]

  • Chris Walker

    Straight over from Fit Young Men, the super-fit and muscular swimmer Chris Walker joins us for his first ever solo video. Chris is a six foot, supreme swimmer and his […]

  • Brock Matthews

    Our cute French twink Brock Matthews is back this week shooting on the roof with me. Brock has starred in a bunch of shoots with our mates over the past […]

  • Cassidy Clyde, Arad Winwin

    Cutie Cassidy Clyde is taking a moment to relax at work by cruising beloved gay pornography website and checking out the latest updates from muscular hunk Arad Winwin. Watch FULL […]

  • Tom Lawson, Jarvis Knight

    Tom Lawson and Jarvis Knight are paired together this week and what a match. These two hunky machines really enjoy exploring each other’s bodies and are both with big semi’s […]

  • Paolo Ferrari

    Paolo Ferrari – Climber – Tall and Blond Climber Paolo Shows off his Lean Body, Age: 19 years old / Height: 6’1″ / Chest: 40″ / Waist: 32″ / Weight: […]

  • Lucas Wright

    Lucas Wright is a young straight lad who plays a lot of sport and has a muscular body with real hairy legs and a sprinkling over the rest of his […]

  • Tyler Holgate

    It’s young, straight, and extremely lean Tyler Holgate’ first time on video this week and he is so comfortable on camera that he even allowed his friend to come along. […]

  • Scott Finn, Johnny B II

    They both kick back on the bed and begin stroking their dicks and once Johnny B II sees that Scott Finn is rock hard he just can’t resist any longer […]

  • Dylan Maguire, Igor Voronin

    If there was ever a model who truly qualified in our ‘Flirting with Porn’ category it is Igor Voronin. (Dylan Maguire, on the other hand, is a completely different matter). […]

  • Calvin Bugg

    Calvin Bugg – Gym – Super Fit Athlete Calvin Back to Show off his Ripped Physique, Age: 22 years old / Height: 6’3″ / Chest: 40″ / Waist: 30″ / […]

  • Hayden Green

    Hayden Green is one of those laid back, handsome, young and muscular lads with a few tattoos who is very open-minded. Lucky for us, that means he’s happy to take […]

  • Sean Cody Clyde, Sean Cody Robbie

    Hunky jocks Clyde and Robbie toss a football at the beach, but they’ve got other balls on their mind. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Back at the house, the studs can […]

  • Beaux Banks, Derek Reed

    Hip hop, mix tapes, flannel and face fucking. It’s the 90s, man. Beaux Banks and Derek Reed are hard at work recording a music video for their hot new track, […]

  • Bo Sinn, Trent King

    Trent King walks into Bo Sinn’s garage looking for a mechanic. When he finds Bo asleep, Trent can’t help but wave his hard cock in Bo’s face. Watch FULL MOVIE […]

  • Jackson Traynor, David Blake

    After a long day at work, Jackson Traynor is beat and bushed, but luckily for him, boyfriend David Blake knows how to pamper his man, so when Jackson gets home, […]

  • Callem Church

    Callem Church – Body Builder – Super Muscular Young Personal Trainer Callem Shows his Ripped Body, Age: 18 years old / Height: 6’2″ / Chest: 46″ / Waist: 33″ / […]

  • Craig Bronson

    Craig Bronson is a young man who works as a personal trainer and plays football so his body is in great shape, he has big shoulders and a narrow waist. […]

  • Damien Stone, Justin Matthews

    Damien Stone’s boyfriend broke up with him just in time for his birthday and the muscular stud is feeling understandably down. Luckily, Damien has great friends who are willing to […]

  • Jackson Cooper, Johnny B

    Johnny B thinks he’s alone in the house, so he busts out his phone to dial up some porn and begins to fondle himself. Little does he know, step-brother Jackson […]

  • Ariel Vanean, Tom Rogers

    The introduction to today’s clip comes from Ariel Vanean himself, who had just been to the zoo the previous day and spotted a monkey .. well… doing what monkeys tend […]

  • Alex Arnold

    Alex Arnold – Footballer – Super Athletic Footballer Alex Shows off his Ripped and Toned Physique, Age: 20 years old / Height: 6’0″ / Chest: 38″ / Waist: 30″ / […]

  • Danny Davis

    Handsome, lean and straight, young footballer Danny Davis is back this week for his first ever manhandling, and judging by his massive erection, he loves it. His footballer’s legs are […]

  • Kieran Mills

    Kieran Mills – Boxer – Athletic Young Boxer Kieran Shows off his Toned & Muscular Physique, Age: 20 years old / Height: 6’1″ / Chest: 40″ / Waist: 31″ / […]

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