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Colby Tucker, Tristan Brazer

Daddy is on the down though. He has his buddy Colby Tucker over for some work out and sweaty man play. When Tristan Brazer sneaks downstairs to find his best friends dad choking on cock…

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Vadim Black, Bar Addison

Bar Addison is jacking off to some dirty taboo porn and his brat of a step brother Vadim Black busts in his room. Being noisy, Vadim grabs Bar’s computer to see what a perv his…

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Zak Bishop, Arad Winwin

Who could resist the sultry good looks of Arad Winwin? Well certainly not Zak Bishop. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Sleek shiny muscles and rock hard cock pull Zak right in. After some intense cock worship…

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Nick Fitt, Shane Jackson

After hearing Nick Fitt’s sexy story, Shane Jackson can’t help himself and the bulge in his pants proves it. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Nick is cock hungry and takes every inch of Shane’s fat stepbrother…

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Wesley Woods, Zario Travezz

Wesley Woods is paying a visit to his favorite nephew Zario Travezz. Watch FULL MOVIE here! It’s been a while since the two have seen each other, so they are both horny. Seizing the opportunity,…

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DeAngelo Jackson, Nic Sahara

After all the new found inspiration Nic Sahara has given his sister’s husband Deangelo Jackson, Nic decides its payback time. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Nic comes into Big D’s office and finds him taking matters…

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Cade Maddox, Lucas Leon

Musclebound superstar Cade Maddox and young Latin hottie Lucas Leon are perfect together. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Cade is dominating with his thick muscles and his giant cock. Lucas is a willing cocksucker and takes…

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Zach Covington, Adam Ramzi

Blindfolded and vulnerable, cute Ginger Zach Covington is ready for the taking. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Hairy daddy Adam Ramzi knows how to train his boy right. Adam’s not gonna let Zach see his big…

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Max Adonis, Colby Tucker, Zaddy

Hot sweat drips off these three sex beasts, Colby Tucker, Max Adonis and Zaddy as they take their workout to another level, Naked. Watch FULL MOVIE here! These 3 use all the sparkling equipment to…

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Jack Dyer, Zak Bishop

Zak Bishop, thinking he needs to get his head straight, goes to see super daddy therapist Jack Dyer. Watch FULL MOVIE here! After a long mind searching session, probing all of Zak’s inner thoughts, Jack…

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