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Jimmy Durano, Ace Era

Jimmy Durano should have finished painting the office already, but he’s barely halfway done. Jimmy’s boss, Ace Era, is furious with him, but Jimmy doesn’t give a fuck: he shows Ace what he thinks of…

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Zario Travezz, Taylor Reign

Zario Travezz and Taylor Reign are on a scaffolding painting a wall, but they get distracted by their attraction for each other. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Zario runs his fingers along Taylor’s firm, tight ass…

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Micah Brandt, Sean Zevran

Micah Brandt sits down next to Sean Zevran in the sauna. Sean, eyes closed, glistens with sweat across his smooth, broad, muscular frame. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Micah reaches over to grab a handful of…

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Woody Fox, Johnny V

With beads of sweat across their chests, things are heating up with Woody Fox and Johnny V in the sauna. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Pulling the towel off his hairy, muscled body, Woody Fox reveals…

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Arad Winwin, Ian Frost

Arad Winwin and Ian Frost are up on the scaffolding painting an accent wall. When Arad accidentally splashes paint onto Ian’s clothes, the painters quickly strip down and caress each other’s sweaty, hard bodies. Watch…

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Dakota Payne, Logan Cross

It’s a hot afternoon, and Dakota Payne and Logan Cross are sweaty from setting up the scaffolding for their painting project. Watch FULL MOVIE here! They decide to strip off their clothes to get more…

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Micah Brandt, Brendan Phillips

Brendan Phillips hits the communal bathhouse showers to get cleaned up. Micah Brandt is already there, stroking himself under the water. Turning around, Brendan shows Micah a flash of his tight, pink asshole. With a…

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Alex Mecum, Devin Franco

Devin Franco can’t keep his eyes off Alex Mecum’s chiseled, hairy body. He drops his power tools and gets down on his knees to worship Alex’s rock-hard dick. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Alex looks down…

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Landon Mycles, JJ Knight

Dr. JJ Knight reviews some x-rays with his patient, Landon Mycles, whose back was sore due to muscle tension. Dr. Knight prescribes a massage treatment, which he personally delivers: a convenient excuse to deepen the…

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Pheonix Fellington, Zak Bishop

It’s a beautiful sunny day and Pheonix Fellington is relaxing on the grass when he decides to go for a walk. Along the way, he spots an open door with Zak Bishop lying in bed,…

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