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Bromo Tony, Bromo Luke

Naked, bound and bent over, pale twink Luke waits for masked dom Tony. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Tony spanks Luke’s creamy ass till it turns pink, pulling his blond hair, and Luke begs for more….

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Ricky Larkin, Bar Addison

Not-so-innocent twink Bar Addison sneaks into a warehouse to watch burly, bearded hunk Ricky Larkin strap on his bondage gear and play with his big, hard cock. Watch FULL MOVIE here! When Ricky finally spots…

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Preppy Needs It Rough – Bromo

Even nerds get horny sometimes, and when this preppy guy needs a good fuck, he heads to the wrong side of town where he quickly attracts the attention of a tough top who leads the…

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Bromo Johnny, Bromo Luke

Luke may look like a respectable businessman in a suit, but he’s looking for rough sex as he’s ushered through the doorway that leads to all his nastiest desires. Watch FULL MOVIE here! The doorman…

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Ian Greene, Bo Sinn

Ian Greene receives a mysterious anonymous text saying something has been left in his room, and Bo Sinn watches and follows him back home. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Ian finds a leather collar and mask…

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Bromo Luke, Bruno Turbo

Luke is waiting for Bruno Turbo lying naked on the floor, ass up. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Bruno knows just what Luke wants, but before he gives it to him, the ripped stud strips naked…

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Bo Sinn, Eddie Rabbit

When Bo Sinn arrives at Eddie Rabbit’s house to deliver food, the unsuspecting twink has no idea what’s in store for him. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Bo grabs Eddie and offers the hungry brown haired…

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Bromo Luciano, Bromo Peter

Luciano and Peter are two hard, horny tattooed studs who want nothing but to get their throbbing cocks off in the spa bathroom. Watch FULL MOVIE here! As soon as they spot each other they…

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Cesar Xes, John Rene

New recruit John Rene is being put through his paces by his brutal commanding officer Cesar Xes. Cesar berates John, criticizing his technique as he obediently cleans the floors. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Cesar takes…

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Bo Sinn, Trent King

Say what you will about the merciless tattooed top Bo Sinn, you can’t deny he’s a man of discerning taste. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Bo chooses Trent King’s perfect ass from a line-up, teasing and…

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