Lev Ivankov, Markus Kage

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At the tattoo shop Lev Ivankov is thinking through his ideas about getting some new ink.

When Lev sees the tattoo artist Markus Kage’s bulge through the hole in the table, he decides he wants some dick first.

He pulls Markus’s cock out and sucks it, and the tattoo artist fucks the bottom’s face, then strips him and ties his wrists and ankles together with rope before penetrating his hole.

Markus turns Lev on all fours on the table, pounding him doggy style, then unties the twink so he can ride his cock.

Lev cums as Markus fucks him missionary, then the top leaves his mark on Lev’s face.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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