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Woody Fox, Grant Ryan, Steven Lee

Grant Ryan, Woody Fox and Steven Lee are all working out separately at the gym. When Woody gets upside down on a rope and drops his phone, Steven helps him out and hands it back…

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Drake Masters, James Stevens

James Stevens is late to Drake Masters’ show on the main stage but when Drake takes one look at James, Drake is more than willing to stick around a little longer for a private after-show….

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Sean Harding, Jacob Stax

This scene opens at the end of Part 1 with Jacob Stax asking twin brother Michael Stax about what went on when he went into the exam room. Michael is not telling him details, but…

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Teddy Bear, Nigel March

Nigel March is manning the front desk at the sex shop when Teddy Bear comes to the register seeking coins for the peepshow. Nigel finds Teddy irresistible and makes the first move when he steps…

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Serge Cavalli, Alam Wernik

Serge Cavalli is back again for our next American Lovers scene with Brazilian model, Alam Wernik. Last time we saw Serge he was getting fucked as part of NakedSword’s Last Rose movie, so we are…

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Sean Cody Kieran and Cole Bareback

Tall, brown-haired Cole and blond-haired Keiran are out playing a game of catch under the hot sun. “I think he’s the whole package. He has an amazing ass, and I can’t wait to get into…

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Tony Conrad, Ryan McKenna

Ryan McKenna has 3 scenes out on Freshmen already so as part our of 25th Anniversary ’25 new boys’ promotion it is time to introduce you all to him here at BelAmiOnline. Both Ryan and…

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Woody Fox, Max Adonis

When Woody Fox starts his new job writing about consumer products, he’s in for a big surprise when he discovers the products are actually sex toys. He immediately calls his buddy, Max Adonis, to help…

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Josh and Blake

Muscular cutie Josh is battling his nerves as he mentally prepares to get it on with chiseled hottie Blake. It will be the first time he’s slept with another man without his current boyfriend being…

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Nikko Russo, Theo Ross

Tattooed cutie Theo Ross just wants to get his dick wet, but his roommate slender Nikko Russo really isn’t having it. Muscular Theo devises a plan and purchases a 3D dildo sex doll so he…

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