Max Adonis, Logan Stevens

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Engine maintenance fitter Max Adonis leaves the garage and is in the office mucking about. He’s been using the photocopier to make copies of his bare ass.

Coworker Logan Stevens rushes in and catches Max. Max pleads with Logan no to report him to their boss.

Logan agrees but he wants something for his silence.

Logan tells Max he needs to suck his cock on the spot or else!

Max eagerly obliges and gets on his knees to start servicing Logan’s uncut rod.

A simple BJ turns into Max being bent over, rimmed and letting Logan slide his pole in raw.

On the desk doggy style, standing up and bent over, Max gets his ass stretched bareback by Logan before the tables are turned and Logan’s ass is getting stuffed with Max’s meat.

They take turns pounding each other’s holes until Max is the last one filled with cock.

Logan paints his ass with a thick load. Filled to the brim with warm seed, Max gets blown by Logan until Max delivers a mouthful of fresh jizz for Logan to swallow down.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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