Woody Fox, Riley Mitchel

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Riley Mitchel has survived his run-in with two armed robbers and has questions about the ordeal. In his moment of need, Riley turns to The Church and Father Woody Fox for spiritual guidance.

Riley gets what he came for and more when Woody throws back his cassock to reveal a massive uncut dick. Riley takes one look at the giant cock and opens his mouth wide to worship The Fathers holy member. Woody can’t control the temptations of the flesh and takes his turn in front of Riley, getting his face fucked deep until he’s ready to get his dick wet again.

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Riley knows what the priest seeks and offers up his ass to be sacrificed for forgiveness. Woody can’t clean Riley of sin fast enough and plunges his cock in to start pumping. Riley moans with each thrust of the long cock but needs to feel it even deeper.

The priest sits back in the church pew to let Riley ride it down to the base. Riley sits on Woody’s big pole and rides it up and down as his ready-to-burst cock flops against his stomach. Riley’s tight ass feels amazing surrounding Woody’s dick and he can no longer hold off.

Riley gets down between Woody’s legs to let the priest unload his holy cum on his face. With a fresh load in his beard, Riley lets loose and pumps his cock until it spews cum all over his own heaving, sweaty body.

See Woody Fox and Riley Mitchel hardcore ass fucking here!

See Woody Fox and Riley Mitchel hardcore ass fucking here!

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