Jack Andy, Jacob Connar

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Jack Andy walks into his playroom with his huge cock leading the way out of his jean shorts. He beckons for Jacob Connar to join him and he has to encourage him a few times to join him.

Once inside, Jack orders Jacob to get out of his clothes before allowing Jacob to play with his big cock. Jacob drops to his knees and tries his best to deep throat all of Jack’s huge cock.

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After sucking Jack on his knees, Jack pulls him up and puts him in his play chair and continues to feed him his cock. Jack rims Jacob’s hairy ass as well in the chair and gets his hole nice and wet for his big cock.

He starts fucking Jacob long and deep on his back in the chair. He then turns Jacob over and puts him on all fours in the chair and continues to fuck him deeper.

He then flips Jacob back onto his back and fucks him harder until both cum.

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See Jacob Connar and Jack Andy hardcore ass fucking here!

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