Vander Pulaski, Colton Reece

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Vander Pulaski is hard at work sucking on Colton Reece’s cock.

Once Colton is fully hard, he bends Vander over the edge of the pool and tongues his ass while teasing it with a few fingers.

They decide to leave the pool and post up on a pool chair where Colton glides his fuck-stick deep in between Vander’s cheeks.

Taking a break from Colton’s powerful bareback thrusts, Vander gets up to ride Colton’s pole down to the base.

To finish him off, Colton puts Vander on his back and drills his hole until Vander gets plastered with a thick load from Colton’s dick.

Now that Colton came, Vander chokes down Colton’s cock one last time while he strokes his jizz out on the ground.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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