Sean Xavier, Alpha Wolfe

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Raging Stallion says: Horny big muscle hulk Alpha Wolfe’s massive dick raw fucking Sean Xavier’s black bubble ass.

Constant delays have grounded longtime co-pilots Sean Xavier and Alpha Wolfe for the day, but, luckily, they are able to book one of the few remaining rooms in the area.

There, they are finally able to act on their years-long mutual attraction.

Sean begins the long-anticipated hookup by coaching Alpha through swallowing every one of his nine inches before Alpha spreads his legs for Sean to bareback his hairy hole.

Alpha’s eyes rush to the back of his head as Sean fills his ass, just before it’s Alpha’s turn to top.

Sean’s face breaks into a euphoric smile as Alpha pounds his muscular bubble butt in a variety of positions.

A flip-fucking Sean can’t help but nut inside his co-pilot and then going down to lick up the fresh cum dripping from Alpha’s puckered asshole.

It’s not long until Alpha can no longer hold his spunk and busts all over Sean’s beautiful face.

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