Shawn Wolfe, Fabio Stallone

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What are the rules of animal attraction does it depend on being slim or beefy, cut, or uncut?

When Fabio Stallone and Shawn Wolfe meet up the rules go out the window as the guys are alone and get naked.

Shawn has a huge erect dick that stretches out along his hairy young body.

Fabio’s mouth sucks down hard and swallows his whole cock right to the back of his throat till only his hairy balls are left.

When Fabio transfers his oral attention to Shawn’s nipples, Shawn’s hand takes up where Fabio’s mouth left off.

Then Shawn kneels to service Fabio, whose cock takes on a massive life of its own, its curvature seeming to change until it slides all the way down Shawn’s throat.

Fabio’s erection does the same when Shawn turns and offers his tight, furry buns.

‘Oh. My. God.’ is Shawn’s reaction to the pulverizing body slams that would send him across the room if not for the chair that keeps him grounded.

His lips curl up in pleasure as Fabio pulls his 9 1/2 inches all the way out and slams them back in again.

Orgasm quenches their passion.

The jism that flies from Shawn’s cock settles in all the hollows of his limber torso.

Fabio saves his load to deliver straight to Shawn’s hungry mouth.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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