Milo Madera, Mateo Zagal

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Bearded Latino muscle hunk Milo Madera is in the toilet when horny tattooed muscle man Mateo Zagal joins him at the urinal.

Both suited sexy men can’t help but check out each other’s huge dicks and without losing precious time, Mateo is on his knees sucking back Milo’s huge thick uncut dick.

Milo returns the favor swallowing Mateo’s hard erection right to his balls before Mateo spins him around and runs his tongue up and down his ass crack till he finds his tight muscular asshole.

Mateo’s rim job preps Milo’s bubble butt for his raw cock which he forces into his hot hole making him cry out loudly as he splits his ass apart.

With Mateo lying on the floor, Milo gets into cowboy position controlling the speed and depth that Mateo’s hard cock pummels his raw hole.

They switch up positions a number of times, with each change Mateo gets his dick deeper and harder into Milo’s bare hole getting them both close to orgasm a number of times but holding off to increase the pleasure.

Milo’s ass muscles grip Mateo’s rampant thick dick taking him over the edge. Mateo sprays cum all over Milo’s hot asshole before fucking his cum back inside.

Milo then orgasms shooting jizz all over his ripped muscular body.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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