Chuck Conrad, Mateo Zagal

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Men says: Ripped hairy hunk Mateo Zagal bottoms for sexy muscled stud Chuck Conrad’s massive erect dick Mateo Zagal exhibits a persistent gaze towards Chuck Conrad, a tow truck driver, specifically fixating on his prominent anatomical feature. However, Mateo’s attempt to physically engage with such feature within the confines of the tow truck’s cabin is met with Chuck’s verbal intervention, as he firmly communicates, “Such actions are inappropriate during work hours.” When Mateo observes Chuck engaging in leisure activities in the garage, it can be inferred that Chuck is no longer actively performing his work duties. The individual in question is prepared to engage in oral sexual activity, thereafter proceeding to disrobe and engage in sexual intercourse with Mateo in the doggy-style position. The individual reclines on their back to engage in sexual activity, and engages in intercourse with a well-endowed partner till reaching orgasm, then receiving ejaculate on their face from another individual named Chuck. See all Joey Mills gay hardcore fuck sessions at Men here. See all Leo Louis gay hardcore fuck sessions at Men here.

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