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Scott DeMarco, Damien Kyle, Tim Hanes

Slackers Damien Kyle and Tim Hanes don’t find Professor Scott DeMarco’s Lessons of Love class any more interesting the second time around, but they are interested in each other. Professor DeMarco spots the chemistry that’s…

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Scott DeMarco, Dexx, Alex Meyer

Lots of big dicks with all three of these sexy men combined. They huddle around each other stroking their big fat cocks. They start making out and then take turns blowing each other making their…

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Christian Blue, Scott Demarco

Christian Blue wraps his mouth around Scott Demarco’s thick, massive cock, feeling it fill his mouth as he lies on the bed. Scott feels Christian’s tongue massage his shaft, all while looking down at his…

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Scott DeMarco, Angel Ventura

Angel Ventura has come in for a routine exam as he has not been feeling too great and when Scott DeMarco walks into the room both are surprised to see the other is sexy. Watch…

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Pierce Paris, Scott DeMarco

The running butt hole challenge has claimed yet another sweet hole as Pierce Paris finds himself having to explain to his very handsome doctor, Scott DeMarco, how he got his phone stuck up there. Watch…

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Cesar Rossi, Scott DeMarco, Jack Andy

Scott DeMarco and Jack Andy are sitting in the locker room showers looking at the mobile phone when they discover that they have both been talking to the same guy on the hook-up app and…

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Kaleb Stryker, Scott DeMarco

Hustling twink Kaleb Stryker arrives at the door of Scott DeMarco’s hotel room to find a note with very explicit instructions from the client. Kaleb goes into the bathroom, gets into the tub and lets…

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Scott DeMarco, Buck Richards

Fit hunk Scott DeMarco is having some weird sexual nightmares about creepy clowns fucking him. Scott is relieved when the clown removes his mask, and muscular, tattooed Buck Richards is revealed. Watch FULL MOVIE here!…

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John Magnum, Scott DeMarco, Jack Andy

John Magnum is alone in the bedroom stroking his big cock when Scott DeMarco brings Jack Andy, who is blindfolded, into the bedroom for his surprise. He quickly realizes that someone else is in the…

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