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Johnny B, Michael Boston, Michael Jackman

When Johnny B gets his contacts mixed up, he ends up with twice the Michaels than he expected. Thinking on his feet, he quickly turns an awkward situation into opportunity, and since both Michael Jackman…

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Josh Moore, Michael Boston

When a naked Josh Moore hears the doorbell ring, he quickly covers up and is met at the door by A/C repairman, Michael Boston. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Josh is impressed with the size of…

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Michael Boston, Ace Quinn

Ace Quinn thinks Michael Boston is super cute, with a fat, juicy ass he can’t wait to eat and nice, plump lips he’s excited to kiss. Ace dishes the details on his favorite kind of…

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Michael DelRay, Michael Boston

Things get competitive as Michael Boston and Michael DelRay hit a ball around on the tennis court. Outmatched at the game and the trash-talking, an exhausted Michael B leans over the net and begs for…

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Michael Boston, Matthew Figata

Michael Boston’s got a thing for older guys, and his mom’s new boyfriend Matthew Figata is one of the hottest silver foxes he’s seen in a while. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Matt isn’t shy to…

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Maxx Monroe, Michael Boston

Maxx Monroe takes a study break with Michael Boston, joining Michael on his bed as they collapse against each other and make out, Maxx itching to get into Michael’s pants. Pulling Michael’s underwear off, Maxx…

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Pierce Paris, Michael Boston

While playing ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’, sexually open bottom, Michael Bolton, draws top Pierce Paris’ name. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Pierce, who is nervous about the game, because he no longer has sex with his…

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Adrian Hart and Michael Boston

Fit cutie Adrian Hart is just trying to be helpful, offering to carry in some groceries for a woman in need. When he gets into the woman’s house and meets her son, the athletic brown-eyed…

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Michael Boston, Evan Landers

When Evan Landers’ parents discover he’s into guys, it puts a damper on the week long getaway he just had with Michael Boston. Fighting with his bags in hand, he tells his parents he isn’t…

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