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Trevor Harris, Spencer Locke

When Spencer Locke comes home from work, hot and horny to find boyfriend Trevor Harris cooking in the kitchen, the penne pasta isn’t the only thing he brings to a boil! Watch FULL MOVIE here!…

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Brian Gibson, Trent Olsen

Naughty nineteen year olds, Brian Gibson and Trent Olsen are home alone, and horned up beyond belief. Naturally, the bone hungry bad boys can’t help but get busy in the bedroom! Watch FULL MOVIE here!…

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Cody Wilson, Jack Philips

Cody Wilson is heated, horny and hungry for cock! Luckily, long donged Jack Philips has more than enough cock to satisfy Cody’s craving. Wilson pulls Philips’s drawers down and gets to swift slap in face…

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Trevor Harris, Carson Peters

Trevor Harris and Carson Peters hurry to their room and quickly shut the door, allowing the two teens to get in a good cock-cram session before their next class. Watch FULL MOVIE here! After tasting…

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