James Harrison

James Harrison is back to show off his skills at pumping his hole; it’s a hot day in London and James is soon naked sliding up his favourite purple dildo; it’s a tight fit and he starts off real slow and takes some time to get his breath back.

Once he is comfortable he sure knows how to enjoy a good hole workout and James does an amazing job at pumping his ring and after lots of action he lies back and squirts a load of cum. Wow thank you James, I think that touched the spot. READ MORE

Otto Davies

Otto Davies is a young man who at just eighteen has a great physique, many years of rugby and athletics has given him great muscles and such great definition. He has beautifully long legs, slightly hairy and when naked you can enjoy his long uncut cock, decent when soft and point up long and high when erect his erection reaching up just under 8 inches.

He is happy to show off all of his body and does a great job posing and having fun and showing us his slightly hairy hole. After a nice body workout his lies back and pumps his uncut cock and shoots a nice load of cum on his abs. READ MORE

Joe Burleigh

Joe Burleigh is very new to modelling, he was a slim teenager and a couple of years ago he started going to the gym and changed his slim body to those nice proportions you see today.

Along the way of growing his body he also decided to have a few tattoos and a sprinkling of piercings. READ MORE

Lucas Brookes

Lucas Brookes is one of these young footballers who is remarkably shy despite a great physique, strong hairy legs and a nice balance of definition and muscle size.

So today we go on another tour, he strips, shows of his lush uncut cock that is soon pointing skywards and once naked and a little used to showing off he treats us to his hairy hole. READ MORE

Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor was a competitive swimmer for much of his teenage years and more recently he stopped swimming after finishing his A levels and today all that physical activity has made a young man with bundles of confidence and someone who is very happy to show off his body.

He likes the idea that he is entertaining people and he loves playing with his uncut cock, which is one of those that gets real hard, in fact so hard it sticks straight up against his abs. READ MORE

Chris Little, Lewis Hampton

Lewis Hampton did a shoot for our sister website (here) and since this young man is gay we knew he wouldn’t mind if in his second shoot he goes straight to a fucking scene; who better to welcome him than naughty Chris Little who cant wait to get Lewis’s big cock up his ass.

Slightly forgetting he is fucking a straight boy Lewis slams his uncut cock a little too enthusiastically into Chris, though his cock is rock hard all shoot so I think he enjoyed the rougher than usual fuck. READ MORE

Dane Spencer

Dane Spencer is a muscled hot Personal Trainer from Bulgaria, a stunning body, perfectly toned with a few tattoos, he is lean, a little hairy and has a nice big cock to play with.

He’s confident about his body and he is happy showing it off, he lays on the bed but moves around showing us all the highlights, the abs, the chest, the firm butt, he looks good. READ MORE

Casias Bradley

Casias Bradley is back and is brave enough to have a play with a dildo; he was a little unsure if this was something he should do on camera, but once we got underway he lay back and got on with the job in hand.

He does a great job at pumping his slightly hairy hole and mixes up the poses and positions and end up sort of enjoying it a little. READ MORE

Matteo Romano, Joel Jenkins

You can never really predict which models are likely to let me push their boundaries, when I first started talking to Matteo Romano about letting a guy touch his cock he seemed very casual about it.

In reality maybe he didn’t understand what I was saying, as when it came to organizing the shoot he kept putting it off. Though one of these models, when you get them over that barrier they get on and enjoy themselves. READ MORE