Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor was a competitive swimmer for much of his teenage years and more recently he stopped swimming after finishing his A levels and today all that physical activity has made a young man with bundles of confidence and someone who is very happy to show off his body.

He likes the idea that he is entertaining people and he loves playing with his uncut cock, which is one of those that gets real hard, in fact so hard it sticks straight up against his abs. READ MORE

Sean Cody Leif

Handsome, 31-year-old Russian import, Lief, has always dreamed of living in California. He’s been in the country for 4 years, and he used to work as a cook.

Brown-haired Lief loves to dance and play his guitar, but the muscular beau also enjoys going to the gym, and taking care of his body. READ MORE

Toni Filip

Toni Filip did a shoot for our sister website (here) about a month ago and since then he has been busy at the gym and has managed to gain 4kg’s of muscle in that time and has stayed really lean.

He strips down to show his hair free body and very hairy legs and once he is over his slight shyness he enjoys showing off his body. READ MORE

Perry Jameson

Now that it’s warming up again in Australia the summer season of shooting has begun. And there are a lot of guys waiting to come around for their first shoot. One of our mates recently introduced me to this cheeky red headed muscle boy from country Victoria.

29 year old Perry Jameson has just moved in to the city. Our mate talked him into coming around and modelling with us. And I’m glad he did because Perry is fun to shoot with. READ MORE

Flynn Peacock

Flynn Peacock is a young lad, lean and fit, with an outgoing personality where he loves to show off his body, and no wonder because his uncut cock is big and gets hard easily.

He shows off his body, wanking his cock, playing with his foreskin, and also flipping over and showing off his ass, before tensing his abs and unleashing a nice big mess all over himself. READ MORE