Jamie Fawkes

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Bentley Race says: Sexy young Canadian skater dude Jamie Fawkes strips and wanks his hung thick cock.

You might remember I met this cute Canadian boy Jamie at the start of summer.

The photos of his mullet haircut, cheeky smile, and huge cock really stood out when a mate showed me his online profile.

He was just as keen to meet as I was.

The first shoot went so well that I wanted to get him over for another one.

It doesn’t take long for his bulging cock to burst out of his tight shorts in this shoot.

We both laughed as he tried to keep it hidden behind the skateboard.

Jamie is so much fun to shoot with.

In his new video, I am wanking that thick cock as he lays back on the bed.

And I can tell you… it’s really thick.

Jamie also splits open one of my rubber fuck toys as he fucks the hell out of it.

After seeing this video again today, I really want to shoot with him again.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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