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Well this spring is turning out to be quite amazing, it has been such a while since I have managed to fucked so many sexy cute straight young men.

Everywhere I go it seems like every hot straight man is looking to make money these days.

Today, I bumped into my latest catch in a field by the side of the road, just minding his own business.

Unfortunately, he was lost, broke, and kind of looking to get home desperately.

He’d made a bad decision to make the trip back from a house party by trying to hitch a lift.

Well, this hadn’t worked out and he seemed to be a bit clueless as to what to do next.

Perhaps I come across as a bit too eager to discuss private matters, and this guy was quite shy and reserved.

But in the end, the offer of free money quickly turned the conversation in my favor.

I only had to pile up a few thousand Crowns and he was eager to do what I wanted.

We hid near a grain field and he went down on me without a moment’s thought. His mouth was wonderful, boy do straight men instinctively know how to suck a big uncut dick.

He even played with my foreskin, running his tongue in and out and getting me close to orgasm a few times, but I held off.

The dude was only 22 years old and an anal virgin and yet he managed to take my huge rock-hard horny uncut cock like a pro.

My new friend had serious talent for getting his ass stretched out. To my surprise, he enjoyed it a lot.

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