Tony Keit, Max Gen

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Tattoed bleach blonde young punk Max Gen likes to share his love of kink with his mates, and Tony Keit is certainly up for it in the latest BoyFun session.

The sexy little dude is sitting on the sofa reading a good book when his hottie Max arrives.

Within seconds the atmosphere becomes electric and Max is interested in Tony’s perfectly white socked feet as he removes them a kisses his bare feet.

The two horny young guys grope each other and judging by their swelling underwear bulges both boys are totally sexually aroused.

Max’s tongue is all over Tony’s feet licking between his toes and worshiping those naked feet.

It’s truly a delight for any fan of foot play, but you can be sure they’re not going to end with this. The pleasure swells immeasurably as their clothes come off.

Max’s hard cock is soon sandwiched between Tony’s feet for some foot wanking, his long uncut cock rubbing between them while his tip leaks precum.

He can’t resist getting a taste of young Tony’s delicious dong and spends a while sucking him, but the boy’s hole is right there and just as eager for that oral attention.

With some hot rimming and hole play Tony gets a taste of his buddy’s big dick and savors the juices leaking from his helmet, but the fucking these boys will share is the ultimate goal.

Max plunges his raw 7.5 inch uncut cock inside his friend’s hot hole and gives him a glorious pumping on his back, but he’s soon demanding a dick in his pucker and impales his ass down on Tony’s equally impressive shaft.

It only takes one more swap in this flip fuck, with some spooning on the couch, to have these boys ready to bust out their loads.

Tony pumps his cream from his dick in a flurry of orgasmic bliss and in moments Max is ready to wank out his own heavy cream all over his pal’s sexy naked foot. It’s the perfect finish for a foot-loving boy like him.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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