Woody Fox, Johnny V

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With beads of sweat across their chests, things are heating up with Woody Fox and Johnny V in the sauna.

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Pulling the towel off his hairy, muscled body, Woody Fox reveals his enormous, throbbing boner.

Eager to show himself off, ginger-haired muscle man Johnny V reveals his own enormous manhood as he leans over to swallow Woody’s cock.

As Woody’s cock massages the back of Johnny’s throat, Johnny’s cock starts leaking precum in a long, dangling strand.

Eager to get a taste of that, Woody goes down and wraps his lips around Johnny’s cock while stroking himself.

Thick spit lubes the shaft of Johnny’s thick cock as Woody sucks, and Woody uses some of that spit to lube up Johnny’s ass.

Bending over, Johnny gives Woody full access for a slobbering rim job as even more precum drips out of Johnny’s cock.

Sitting down on the bench, Woody invites Johnny to go for a ride on his cock, and Johnny uses his thick, muscular legs to raise and lower himself on Woody’s enormous dick.

Switching to doggy style let’s Woody show off his athletic thrusting as Johnny’s hard meat swings through the air.

As Woody fucks faster and faster, Johnny strokes his cock and shoots a massive, spurting load.

Woody grabs his cock and blasts an enormous cumshot onto Johnny’s firm ass cheek.

With their session complete, Johnny heads off to hit the showers as Woody catches his breath in the sauna.

Watch Woody Fox and Johnny V in Bathhouse Ballers here!

Watch Woody Fox and Johnny V in Bathhouse Ballers here!

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