Island Stud Clancy

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Little Clancy, a tiny, very soft-spoken, sweet, shy young Irish Puerto Rican filthy farm boy with a head covered in shaggy Carrot Top hair, bushy beard, a thick bush of bright red untrimmed hair surrounding his entire crotch, ass, balls, and very hairy legs.

Clancy confesses to being very nervous and a real virgin strokes his virgin cock into a rigid belly slapper, pees in the garden walks around the property balls out carrying a big green bucket and his swamp boots.

With his knees on a bench and grabs his hairy ass cheeks exposing his super hairy pink virgin hole, gets dirty working in the Koi Pond fully naked and opens his creamy boy butthole again with his dirty little hands.

He cleans up in the outdoor shower, before sitting down for a long horny jerk session, fast stroking, and slowly strokes his red hot throbber.

Listen to this super-shy little twink 19, 5″6″ and a slight 133 lbs, talk, in his own words, about how nervous he is to be naked in front of a camera for the very first time.

He meekly reveals that he has never had a blow job, had his cock stroked by another person nor ever fucked.

Watch how nervously he removes his pants and stands in his light grey jockey shorts, not knowing where to look.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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