Island Studs Kaiholo, Island Studs Jeffrey

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Jerkin’ school mates, super cute twink surfer Jeffrey, with his popular fat beer-can cock, and his big low hanging balls is back for his 7th video with his real childhood best friend, newcomer rugged Hapa Hawaiian local boy, bubble butt bearded Kaiholo, in hot jerk off duo action in the newest episode of “Jerkin’ Bros Series”.

Flexing, posing, pissing, and hugging each other, in their tight sexy matching underwear which can barely contain their hard cocks, before they both strip fully nude, get huge boners and embrace again.

Then get down and dirty for a hot, sweaty nudist garden work session, bending over repeatedly showing off their perfectly pink boy holes, shower, then offer us their Aloha spirit as they relax naked side by side wearing only floral Hawaii Leis around their necks.

The unique Hawaiian “cock ring” Leis around their full bushy throbbing cocks for a long rock hard cock stroking session together, explode in fountains of cum at the exact same time, before showering for a second time to clean up. Jeffrey and Kaiholo are both huge cummers.

Fat dick Jeffrey continues to recruit new models for us. He was excited to suggest we shoot him and his best buddy, newbie big dick Hawaiian, Kaiholo together.

Kaiholo has one of the most beautiful largest Hawaiian cocks. Their first bromance is full of horny rock hard dick. Both with smooth, yummy hairless boy bodies, standing 5 ’11”, a thin ripped 140lbs and employed at the same family-run ‘burger joint’ in Hawaii, these best friends since 7th grade, have never seen each other nude until today.

Listen to surfer Kaiholo, 22 explain that his 100% Hawaiian mother named him after “the moving sea”, in Hawaiian, and that his father and he are a hapa mix of Japanese, Portuguese and Hawaiian.

“This is just for you guys”, Jeffery, now 21 years old, confidently states with a big smile as these two sexy twinks stand stroking their big throbbing cocks together as the camera roams around their amazing tan lean bodies.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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