Adrian Hart, Ricky Donovan

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Sexy ripped black studs, Ricky Donovan and Adrian Hart are due to be married but when their limo doesn’t turn up as it got a flat tire, they rush to the subway to take public transport.

In their hurried entrance onto the train, they accidentally knock each other to the floor reminding them of the day that they met on this very train line.

During the journey the hot couple, reminisce about their initial flirting, getting carried away and starting to undress each other, and having the best subway train hookup.

What better way to celebrate their wedding day than by reliving that first time.

They chat and flirt before Ricky asks Adrian, pointing to his big crotch bulge, what have you got in there?

They take off their suits and Adrian sinks to his knees to sucks Ricky’s big black cock till it is balls deep in his mouth, choking him as its length and girth fill his mouth and throat.

Young Ricky then shoves his erect dick deep into Adrian’s tight asshole holding his neck and pulling himself deeper into his hot hole in doggy style.

They switch up positions a few times with Adrian in reverse cowboy position standing over Ricky and grinding his ass down repeatedly onto Ricky’s huge erection getting deeper and harder each stroke.

In just their black socks the sexy ebony dudes bareback fucking intensifies, with both studs going at each other like a power drill.

They are almost on the edge of orgasm and straight after one another, first Adrian blows his nuts all over his ripped abs quickly followed by Ricky who pulls out and sprays jizz all over Adrian’s ass.

Ricky then fucks his cum back inside Adrian’s raw hole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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