Tag: Vadim Black

  • Michael Delray, Vadim Black

    Michael Delray is skating down the Boulevard when he runs into Vadim Black hanging by the beach. The two buds head off to burn and soon one thing leads to […]

  • Daxx Carter, Vadim Black, Aspen

    Chiseled hottie Vadim Black loves working in the auto body shop, and being surrounded by greasy men all day. His horny juices get so revved up at the mere thought […]

  • Vadim Black, Grant Ryan

    Sexy, dark-haired Vadim Black and athletic, good-looking Grant Ryan are both revved up and horny after taking a ride in a sweet red convertible. Watch FULL MOVIE here! They waste […]

  • Zach Country, Damien Stone, Vadim Black, Brandon Evans and Blaze Austin

    The boys are being sent off to war, but not before one last hot and sexy romp. Slender Zach Country, beefy Damien Stone, chiseled Vadim Black, fit Brandon Evans and […]