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JJ Knight, Nic Sahara

The beach is a great place to go fishing or to pick up a hot bottom, and for JJ Knight, it’s both. JJ baits his hook with a big dildo and tosses it at a…

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Kaleb Stryker, Nic Sahara

After their run, Kaleb Stryker is ready for a shower, but his boyfriend, Nic Sahara, wants to get a bit sweatier first. The guys slip out of their workout clothes and Kaleb sucks Nic’s cock…

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Nic Sahara, Dalton Riley

Nic Sahara strips down to his jock strap and blindfolds himself, ready to be filled by a hard cock from a mystery top. Nic’s ass is ready and he can’t wait any longer as Dalton…

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Pierce Paris, Nic Sahara

Hot and horny Nic Sahara finds the very handsome Pierce Paris alone with some rather large bananas. Nic proceeds to get Pierce‚Äôs attention by inserting one deep down his throat. Not to be outdone, Pierce…

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Steven Lee, Nic Sahara

Nic Sahara walks in after a long day and finds Steven Lee relaxing on the couch. After Steven asks Nic how his day was, Nic immediately gets excited and hops over the couch to lock…

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DeAngelo Jackson, Nic Sahara

After all the new found inspiration Nic Sahara has given his sister’s husband Deangelo Jackson, Nic decides its payback time. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Nic comes into Big D’s office and finds him taking matters…

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Boomer Banks, Nic Sahara

Sexy muscular studs Boomer Banks and Nic Sahara know their way around a sex toy. Watch FULL MOVIE here! After an intense blowjob, Nic taking all of Boomer’s thick cock down his throat, Boomer puts…

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Brock Banks, Nic Sahara

Brock Banks has had his eye on Nic Sahara for a long time, so when he’s given the chance to choose who he’s going to be fucking for his model’s choice scene he jumps at…

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Nic Sahara, Vincent OReilly

Nic Sahara is checking out the scene at the pool of the resort when he comes across horny stud, Vincent O’Reilly. Nic wastes no time as he walks over to Vincent to feed the waiting…

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Devin Franco, Trevor Miller, Nic Sahara, Zak Bishop, Colton Reece

On the night of the Final hazing ceremony at the fraternity, ‘The Pledge’ has been made. Whoever gets through the ceremony will be initiated into the brotherhood. The ceremony starts after Devin Franco reveals the…

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Lance Hart, Nic Sahara

Two of the most gorgeous guys Lance Hart and Nic Sahara are featured in this Icon Male exclusive means things are about to get hot and heavy. This is intense anal fucking with mind blowing…

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Billy Santoro, Nic Sahara

After a long night of drinking Billy Santoro is about to call it a night but Nic Sahara has other plans in mind. He wants a little more fun and to be fucked by his…

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D.Arclyte and Nic Sahara in Daddy Loving

Stunning Nic Sahara is about to take on gorgeous daddy D.Arclyte, the two are ready for passionate sex with deep dick sucking and hard core fucking. They won’t stop till they are exploding with cum!…

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