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Argos Santini, Colby Tucker

Nurse Colby Tucker is working the overnight shift and it’s quiet on his floor. That is until the sexy janitor Argos Santini shows up. Both these hardworking men start to work really hard on each…

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Colby Tucker, Zario Travezz

Colby Tucker is suffering from a broken heart so he’s shirking his responsibilities at the office. When Zario Travezz shows up at his house to get some paper signed, he’s not too happy to find…

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Colby Tucker, Papi Suave

Male nurse Colby Tucker is taking care of his not so cooperative patient, Papi Suave. The 2 men tussle over taking medication and soon their tussle turns into grab ass. Before you know it, Papi…

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Myles Landon, Colby Tucker

Myles Landon knows he’s here to do a scene with Men.com, but he doesn’t know who he’ll be fucking bareback. His scene partner also hasn’t been told who to expect, but when Colby Tucker arrives,…

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Colby Tucker, Tristan Brazer

Daddy is on the down though. He has his buddy Colby Tucker over for some work out and sweaty man play. When Tristan Brazer sneaks downstairs to find his best friends dad choking on cock…

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Dante Colle, Colby Tucker

Colby Tucker has lit some candles, prepared some snacks, and he’s all ready for a solo movie night. But when he ignores the warning not to watch the movie “Poltergayst” after midnight, next thing he…

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Colby Tucker, Angel Rivera

Colby Tucker and Angel Rivera swim toward each other, shedding their clothes as they come together under the water in a passionate embrace. Watch FULL MOVIE here! When these studs come up for air, Angel…

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Nick Fitt, Colby Tucker, Dakota Payne

Cameraman Nick Fitt is amazed by the terrific photography space he has just acquired. However, it comes with a catch; some say it’s haunted, taking on a new “life” under the darkness of night. Intrigued…

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Max Adonis, Colby Tucker, Zaddy

Hot sweat drips off these three sex beasts, Colby Tucker, Max Adonis and Zaddy as they take their workout to another level, Naked. Watch FULL MOVIE here! These 3 use all the sparkling equipment to…

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Diego Sans, Colby Tucker

On their second day in the Rental House, Colby Tucker stays home while the boys go out to find some breakfast. While the blonde stud is trying to take a shower he starts finding mysterious…

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Jake Porter, Colby Tucker

Colby Tucker’s new assistant Jake Porter may not be an incredible asset to the office culture, but the view he provides when he’s bending over backwards for the boss makes him more than worth retaining….

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Arad Winwin, Colby Tucker, Jack Hunter

Jack Hunter and Colby Tucker have signed up for a couple’s yoga session together with the well reviewed and even better hung Arad Winwin. Soon the couple find that the sexy Persian hunk has more…

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Colby Tucker, Johnny Rapid

Colby Tucker has been having some trouble in a rather sensitive area. When the physical therapy agency sends over Johnny Rapid instead of the woman he requested, he’s reluctant at first but once Johnny gets…

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Colby Tucker, Rafael Alencar

Rafael Alencar is just trying to work out in peace, but everywhere he goes he’s followed by muscle-bound stud Colby Tucker. The two athletic hotties compete to see who can endure longer. Watch FULL MOVIE…

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