Cazden Hunter, Buck Richards, Andrew Delta

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Raging Stallion says: Harcore anal threesome Andrew Delta, Cazden Hunter and Buck Richards huge cock ass fucking.

It is the middle of the night when Buck Richards and Andre Delta return to the abandoned shipping container they were staying in to find Cazden Hunter exactly as they left him: tied up with his hole totally exposed.

The two scruffy jackasses waste no time in beginning to have their way with their tied slut by first licking his sweaty hole, then loading his ass with toys, and then forcing a large dildo down his youthful throat.

Now that Cazden is on his back and submissive to the strangers’ every move, he lets out a loud groan as the same gigantic dildo stretches out his virgin hole before Buck uses his eight inches to bareback his ruined ass.

Cazden is now succumbing to the strangers’ every action. Buck mutters to his bottom that he’s about to come, and shortly after, both of Cazden’s masters are unloading all over his used cheeks and face.

Buck’s bottom laughs and licks his lips.

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