Jason Bacall, Hoyt Kogan

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We are heading back to Jason Bacall’s first-time experience when he was partnered with Hoyt Kogan.

Jason says he is not nervous but we are sure he has some first-night nerves. Luckily for him, Hoyt is a past master lover and handles the newbie carefully at least at first.

They start out making out, kissing passionately with Hoyt smothering the young Jason’s chest with kisses and licking and sucking his nipples.

Hoyt then makes his way down to Jason’s crotch undoing his jeans and unleashing his big thick uncut dick and sucking it deep until it hits the back of his throat.

Jason enjoys the expert attention of Hoyt’s tongue on his big cockhead.

Both young dudes strip off completely and wank each other’s erect dicks.

Jason gets his first experience of sucking another guy’s hard cock and he does pretty well.

Hoyt is super impressed with Jason’s cock sucking abilities.

As Jason blows Hoyt’s thick cock we get to see for the first time his smooth butt and tight pink virgin hole.

Hoyt dives in tongue first, licking Jason’s ass crack and getting his tongue deep into his hot asshole.

Then with Jason on all fours and braced as Hoyt forces his thick erect cock into his waiting hole before pumping it slowly at first before getting it balls deep inside Jason.

Jason likes the feeling of Hoyt moving inside him and he jerks his own cock.

Hoyt now works his slick dick all the way in increasing his strokes long and faster.

With Hoyt’s dick still inside him, Jason sprays a huge cum load all over his abs.

Hoyt can hold off no longer and he pulls out and gives Jason a huge jizz facial.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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