Riff Dornan, Derek Caravaggio

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Riff Dornan is feeling super horny and he just wants to have sex with young hottie, Derek Caravaggio.

Riff leans in and kisses Derek squarely on the lips as he pushes him gently back onto the couch.

Kneeling down Riff pulls at Derek’s sweatpants exposing his hairy crotch and soft uncut cock which springs to attention as soon as it bounces freely.

Riff opens his mouth wide and swallows naked Derek’s full dick length until his lips are on his balls.

He blows Derek expertly getting his tongue into his foreskin and polishing his big mushroom cockhead, making Derek moan with pleasure.

Derek then returns the favor sucking Riff’s thick uncut cock covering it in his saliva making it super lubed as he jerks his own dick.

Riff fucks Derek’s mouth with a hammer drill technique making him gag as it hits the back of his deep young throat.

Derek pulls his legs above his head giving Riff easy access to his hairy asshole.

Riff takes advantage running his tongue up and down Derek’s ass crack before pressing the tip of his tongue into his hot boy hole.

The sexy boys kiss then Derek hovers above Riff’s erect dick forcing his awaiting ass hole down onto it getting balls deep.

Derek loves the feeling of Riff’s erection moving inside him inch by inch, he really wants Riff’s cock.

They switch up positions now with Riff entering Derek’s ass from behind.

Riff power fucks Derek’s aching hole and a couple of times Derek comes real close to blowing his load but he manages to hold off.

It is Riff who then can take no more and he pulls out as his big hard cock delivers a powerful stream of jizz all over Derek’s ass hole before Riff fucks his cum back inside.

Derek then jerks his dick with Riff still inside him until he explodes in a huge volley of cumshots over his ripped abs.

The sexy boys kiss passionately and lie there together in each other’s arms savoring the intensity of the moment.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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