Riley Rodriguez

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Hottie ginger bisexual stud Riley Rodriguez is back for his 3rd hot video, this friendly, high-energy, super fun, and horny uncut Puerto Rican, Italian, and American.

As Riley strips off his clothes, his famous big firm belly slapper dick flops into view.

He speaks in fluent Spanish to the camera and loves to show off his furry body, out in public riverside.

He flexes and poses as he attempts to pull his ample fantastic foreskin over his swollen cock head, juggles naked for the first time, three large grapefruits and fire clubs while his heavy, low-hanging donkey balls and cock slap his white thighs, and does naked yoga.

Riley falls over in the water, pees twice, once while walking on the beach, floats on a river raft sleeping and then flips over to show us his hairy ginger hole and balls in his ‘come fuck me” pose at the beach.

“You can pop my fire cherry!”, super friendly Riley sings to us while juggling grapefruit fully naked in the sun while his cock and big balls flop around in the breeze.

This talkative and funny theater major at Portland college loves to show off for the camera and is proud of his shaggy shoulder-length, curly red hair, unique for a Puerto Rican Italian American.

And yes! The carpet matches the drapes! Riley’s red hot fire crotch and balls are surrounded by a full bush of untrimmed ginger-red dick hair.

Born in the surf city of Rincon, Puerto Rico, this 27-year-old, 5’8″ ripped and lean 140 lbs redheaded ‘Rican is a horny exhibitionist who likes being watched on the public beach naked.

There are so many spontaneous, unrehearsed, moments and conversations with this energetic seasoned performer.

Do not miss Riley’s very first solo jerk-off video in his cum covered debut video and his big bromance duo with super tall Eros at the beach, juggling, hugging, pissing, and jerking together in the video, Frisbee Nude #5.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

All the Island Studs updates right here!

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Gay Porn Star Danny Storm
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