Island Studs Barrett

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Hot bearded big dick Barrett is an Italian surfer with a huge thick 8-inch dick.

He takes us on a naked surfin’ safari in Hawaii on a public beach, parading around the beach totally naked with a raging 8-inch boner slapping his snowboarder’s thighs.

Barrett rides waves completely naked in the big surf, pees on the sand with his board, jerks his fat 8-inch Italian American salami seaside, sticks his dick thru a plastic pineapple, puts on a Santa hat and two Hawaiian flower Leis, one around his neck, and another, “cockring lei”, around his towering throbber.

He’s got heavy cum filled balls, and he moans as he busts a creamy load of man juice while still wearing the Hawaiian leis, before taking a sexy shower and a second piss.

“I came to Hawaii on vacation a year ago and never when back to the Bronx where I was working in a restaurant,” Barrett states with a smile, “the surf is just so good here”.

I met this friendly, stocky 31-year-old, 5’6″, 155 lbs on a public beach surfing naked with his buddies, showing off his thick cock to everyone on the beach.

When we meet the very next day for his video shoot, hung Barrett immediately steps out of his surf trunks, grabs a bright Orange bodyboard, and takes a horse piss in the sand.

Watch as bright yellow piss blasts out of his half-hard cock as he looks down at the puddle he is making in the sand between his bare feet. Wow, what an open straight guy.

Listen to this charming stud, who works in a resort as a chief, explain the personal intention behind the tattoos on his solid tanky muscle body.

Big dick Barrett is thick everywhere: thick neck, thick Snowboarder thighs, big juicy muscle butt, and a mouth-watering super fat 8-inch Italian cock that swings between his legs as he walks around the beach with his longboard and a throbbing boner.

This horny exhibitionist gets so aroused being naked in public. Barrett loves to surf naked in Hawaii and it shows.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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