Trent King, Adrian Hart

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It is finally here the very first annual Awards ceremony.

Tuxedo-clad host Adrian Hart gets the Mennies started, but when Trent King takes exception to Adrian’s joke that he’s actually straight, the glitz and glamour turns to shock as Trent marches onstage and slaps Adrian’s face.

Even after the show, when Trent cradles the coveted Golden Dildo Award he’s won, he’s still not over the confrontation.

Adrian enters his dressing room and helps put the incident behind them by putting his behind in front of Trent.

The top shows Adrian how not straight he is as he pulls down the bottom’s dress pants and fucks his hole with his award, then feeds Adrian his long, hard cock.

Adrian learns why this leading man really is the best of the best as Trent fucks him doggy style, then he rides that award-winning dick.

The guys put their argument behind them as Trent sucks Adrian’s cock, then fucks a huge load out of the bottom in missionary and covers him in his cum.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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