Lewis Bradley

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Young muscle hottie Lewis Bradley is certainly a looker, and he knows how to play with the camera.

As he lifts his muscle t-shirt up we get to see his amazingly ripped six-pack abs.

The camera pans up and down his sexy body before Lewis lifts his arm to show off his hairless pits.

Then we get to see a shot of the rest of his hot body as he poses in just his white Calvin Klein undies which are already full filled with Lewis’s obviously sizeable uncut cock, even when soft.

In the next shot, we see Lewis with a raging hardon and some low-hanging balls.

His big pink mushroom cockhead is already glistening with pre-cum.

The cameraman ducks and dives to capture every angle of this new Belami boy.

As Lewis lies back on the sofa he holds his fully erect dick up straight, it is long and thick with a thick foreskin.

Now for a closeup of his foreskin which wraps around his cockhead with a bit of pink poking out from underneath.

Next Lewis spins around flashing his plummy butt cheeks and hairless ass crack.

Lewis’s eyes follow the camera around and he knows how to play for good effect.

When he places a hand between his beautifully plump chest muscle he gives a sly look sideways onto the camera, a look to die for.

Then he turns about-face and walks off away from the camera and is gone, his gorgeous ass cheeks rippling as he moves.

We certainly cannot wait for him to feature in some hot sex sessions very soon as promised.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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