Antony Lorca, Christian Lundgren

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Today is the day that sexy blonde young stud Christian Lundgren’s boyfriend Hoyt Hogan is moving out of their shared apartment.

A new dark-haired dude Antony Lorca is moving in.

Christian is missing Hoyt’s big cock already and is thinking of going back to using his huge dildo to get his daily dose of big dicks.

He soon realizes that Anthony might just be a suitable big dicked alternative and they start making out as soon as he arrives.

Anthony smothers Christian’s hot ripped young body with sensual kisses, all the way from his sweet lips down to his huge erect cock which he sucks down hard with his big mushroom cockhead hitting the back of his throat.

Anthony blows his dick whilst probing his asshole with his fingers getting him nice and ready for his own huge dick.

As Christian lies on the bed with his knees together and his legs held aloft Anthony forces his big hard cock deep into Christian’s tight ass hole, getting it balls deep with long hard strokes.

From all the moaning it is clear that Christian loves the feeling of Anthony’s inches moving inside his raw ass, he can feel every thrust, making him horny for more.

The switch positions with Christian in a sideways missionary position allowing Anthony hardcore bareback pummeling to pick up speed as both horny studs get close to orgasm.

Anthony stops briefly to catch his breath before once again hammering his raw cock home as Christian’s moaning gets louder, he can feel his cum rising up from his balls, not long now.

Christian tighten’s his ass muscles gripping Anthony’s fuck tool as Anthony wanks Christian’s dick too.

First Christian loses control firing off a huge volley of cum shots all over the place.

He’s quickly followed by Anthony who pulls out spraying Christian’s bubble butt with his huge jizz load before shoving his wet cock back inside Christian.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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