Helmut Huxley, Rocco Alfieri

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Today we are looking back in time to the very first scene filmed by Belami Superfan’s favorite and very youthful Helmut Huxley. He is joined by dark handsome young Rocco Alfieri.

Helmut sits down on the couch and swallows down Rocco’s thick erection in a sign of the natural talent Helmut and for which he is universally adored.

As he deep throats Rocco, floppy-haired Helmut wanks his own huge uncut cock to a throbbing hard-on.

Helmut makes sure that he gives Rocco’s enormous pink dick head a tongue washing getting it nice and wet.

He then spins around and pokes his smooth bubble butt in Rocco’s direction as he flirtatiously opens his hole with one hand.

Rocco is not slow to respond and he runs his moist tongue up and down Helmut’s smooth ass crack as Helmut moans quietly to himself.

After getting Helmut’s ass nice and wet, Rocco inserts and finger and probes the dark damp hole, opening Helmut up for his slick dick.

Rocco presses his cock firmly but gently into Helmut’s virgin ass, as Helmut gets used to the feeling of another boy’s cock in his ass.

Helmut takes the first time pounding well, breathing deeply and moaning which grows louder with each thrust.

Then with Helmut lying on his back with his legs splayed apart, Rocco pummels his raw asshole increasing the force and getting ready to cum.

With sweat dripping from Rocco’s intense face, Helmut is very close to orgasm.

Rocco pulls out and opens his mouth as Helmut explodes a huge cum load onto his tongue. Rocco then licks Helmut’s dick clean swallowing all of his jizz.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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