Benoit Ulliel, Nate Donaghy

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Sexy ripped young stud Benoit Ulliel and horny slim dude Nate Donaghy make out kissing passionately as they undress each other quickly.

They rub their hands over each others’ lithe fresh bodies and they explore each other’s mouths with their sweet lips and tongues.

As they undo their jeans we can see both young men have very hairy pubic hair bushes.

Benoit reaches down and releases Nate’s massive long dick which stands tall and proud fully erect.

Nate lies back showing off his rippling six-pack abs as he jerks his own dick in long strong strokes.

He then leans forward and sucks down hard on Benoit’s thick cock imbibing the throbbing member till his balls are on his lips, gagging a little as it hits the back of his throat.

Benoit returns the favor gently sucking and licking Nate’s huge mushroom cockhead and playing with his balls.

Nate then pulls Benoit around and onto all fours so that he can probe his dick between Benoit’s smooth ass cheeks before he forces his cock deep inside.

Benoit moans as Nate’s dick opens his hole and he loves the feeling of Nate pumping him with a roughness that belies his character.

Then lying side by side they wanks their huge dicks till both of them blow their loads, first Benoit quickly followed by Nate, spraying jizz all over their ripped abs.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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