Riff Dornan

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As the camera pans down we see Riff Dornan’s beautifully ripped body in his sexy white undies. He’s packing quite a crotch bulge.

His chest and abs are covered in a soft downy fuzz that is soft to the touch.

As the cameraman clicks away Riff is not phased at getting naked as he slides his underwear down to reveal his thick soft uncut dick.

With his arms above his head showing off his hairy pits, Riff slowly turns his eyes towards the camera and looks momentarily a bit menacing.

We see him barefoot with his lazy soft cock resting between his legs.

Then we cut to him squeezing his huge thick uncut cock which he jerks slowly his balls bouncing around just below.

As he pulls his foreskin down we see his massive mushroom cockhead, and as the camera pans away we see his amazingly ripped six-pack abs.

When he smiles Riff has beautiful dimples and a sexy come-to-bed look one cannot resist.

He squints a little as he is suddenly embarrassed by the camera before moving away and back into his comfort zone.

Riff holds his solid thick cock at an angle making it look like a rocket about to go off.

His massive dick has a mind of its own as he turns around and flashes his bubble butt ass cheeks.

Now wanking his dick he quickly gets close to orgasm and before we know it he fires off a volley of cumshots hitting his abs and dripping down.

He breathes deeply as he squeezes the last of his jizz load from his cock. Riff now relaxes and recovers his breathing as we end the shoot.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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