Finn Harding, Alex Montenegro, Brent North

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Throuple Finn Harding, Brent North, and Alex Montenegro are trying to host the best Thanksgiving dinner ever until it turns out their oven is broken.

While Alex races to repair the appliance, Finn is enticed by the sight of his man’s ass to fuck him doggy style on the kitchen floor.

Brent hears his boyfriends getting it on and watches as Finn puts Alex on a kitchen cart and fucks him missionary, then calls them to the table where he’s waiting, naked and ready to get filled.

Alex penetrates Brent’s hole as Finn fucks his mouth, then the guys switch spots, making sure this horny bottom is well and truly stuffed.

Alex trusses Brent’s wrists as they double-team him “turkey style.”

Alex cums all over Brent’s face, and Finn finishes with a creampie.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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