Maori Mortensen, Jeff Mirren

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Maori Mortensen is out for a run in the gardens as he jogs his ripped muscular body ripples. As he is doing press-ups Jeff Mirren offers him encouragement asking him why he exercises so much.

The sexy boys start making out, kissing passionately before they head indoors for some hot sex.

Maori wanks Jeff’s big dick until it is fully erect then he wraps his lips around it going all in balls deep.

Jeff moans loudly as Maori blows his cock swallowing it all the way till it hits the back of his deep throat.

Maori then lies back as Jeff returns the favor. Jeff runs his tongue up and down Maori’s thick uncut dick while wanking it before getting his tongue around the tip, and his lips on his thick foreskin.

Jeff spreads his legs allowing Maori to part his ass cheeks with both hands, getting his tongue in deep in his hole.

Maori licks Jeff’s asshole getting it nice and wet with his saliva, and ready for his thick dick.

With Jeff lying on his back and his legs splayed up in the air, Maori forces his throbbing knob deep into Jeff’s raw asshole.

Maori bareback fucks Jeff’s bubble butt in a rhythmic pump action getting his dick balls deep in his ass.

Jeff moans with pleasure as he feels Maori’s massive member moving deep inside his hole.

Maori holds Jeff’s feet above his head pressing his rock-hard cock harder and deeper into Jeff’s butt hole.

Jeff then takes control hovering his ass hole over Maori’s huge erection bouncing his butt down repeatedly getting it in deep.

Maori powerfucks Jeff until both horny guys are close to orgasm when Maori pulls out and aims his dick into Jeff’s face.

He cums shooting a huge volley of cum shots into Jeff’s face as Jeff licks up Maori’s load.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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