Filipe, Jerome

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Jerome and Filipe meet up at Jerome’s van with a few of their favorite toys.

Bearded bear Jerome has brought a pair of wrist cuffs, while cute twink Filipe has a black silicone toy hand.

They get inside and undress, and Filipe eagerly straps on the cuffs.

Jerome clips them together and puts the twink on all fours, spreading his ass and lubing up his hole before sliding the big toy inside.

When that hole is nice and open, Jerome fucks him piledriver.

Filipe rides the hunky top reverse, then sucks his cock and licks his balls before Jerome penetrates him in spoon.

Jerome shoots his load on Filipe’s toy, then works the shiny silicone hand into the bottom’s ass while Filipe strokes himself off till he cums.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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