Theo Brady, Sean Cody Jax

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Horny young blonde stud Theo Brady fancies his big muscular roomie, Jax but Jax tells him he is adamant he doesn’t fuck around with roommates.

Undeterred Theo gets an idea from the internet and using a deep fake face changing app he changes his face to that one of Jax’s Sean Cody costar’s Archie.

Theo then sends him a message as Archie asking Jax to come and fuck him again.

Jax gets totally horned out and rushes over to Theo’s room finding him lying in wait face down with his bare ass available for the taking.

Jax’s huge hard erection is tenting his shorts already smiles as he forces his big dick all the way into Theo’s young hole.

Theo then swallows Jax’s hot cock taking it way back until his balls are bouncing on his lips and he’s nearly choking as Jax’s huge cockhead slams into his deep throat.

The muscled top then holds onto Theo’s legs and raises him off the bed to get his tongue between his ass cheeks, rimming his good.

Now with Theo’s ass hole fully lubed, Jax raw fucks him in a number of different positions, each time changing up and hearing Theo’s moans grow louder.

Theo gets on top and loves to be in control as he presses his ass down hard onto Jax’s massive dick till he is almost about to cum.

Jax then power fucks young Theo’s aching bare hole while he jerks his own dick till he can hold off no longer and explodes in a volley of cum shots all over the bed.

Jax then fucks him till he fills the young dude with a creampie. Think you know Jax from Sean Cody then you are not wrong catch all his sordid bareback fucking scene here.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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