Sunny D, Dex Parker

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Sexy tattooed hard rocker Sunny D is at the band rehearsal on time and he’s pissed when hot young punk Dex Parker swans in late and full of excuses.

Dex’s bad attitude and arrogant style force the band’s frontman to get angry and show him just who is the boss around here.

As the argument ensues Sunny kicks the drum kit and puts his junk on Dex’s skins. Sunny then bends Dex over, exposing his bare ass before sticking a drumstick in his hot ass hole.

Dex then sucks down hard on Sunny’s big thick erect dick in long strong strokes from tip to balls.

Sunny forces his hard cock deep between Dex’s smooth ass cheeks making him moan loudly as he hammers his erection home.

Sunny teaches Dex a lesson in rhythm, riding the bottom punk pummelling his raw asshole in numerous positions.

Then with Dex on his back with his sneakers over his head, Sunny presses his slick dick harder and deeper into Dex’s bare hole.

At this moment they switch with Dex devouring Sunny’s hard cock, before he rides him reverse cowboy and then taking his full-length dick deep in pile driver position.

The speed of the hardcore anal fucking grows ever more intense and Dex’s moaning gets louder before Sunny slides a drumstick between Dex’s teeth.

Now pounding Dex in doggy style Sunny keeps up the bare-ass fucking rampage until he close to orgasm.

But it is Dex who shoots first spraying his hot jizz all over his abs and chest in long spurts.

Without warning, Sunny is on the edge of orgasm and he pulls out and delivers a huge creamy cum load all over Dex’s face.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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